Tips for Propper Upvoting on Reddit

• Choosing the number of upvotes for your post

Due to the latest Reddit algorithm update, we recommend giving a maximum of 80-100 upvotes per post. 

If the top posts on the subreddit you wanna post on have 30 upvotes, don't give 100 upvotes to that post because it needs much less than that to rank, and also, the mods will delete your post for obvious upvotes manipulation. 

I mean, a subreddit with that low visibility won't have posts with 100 upvotes, so it's obvious you're buying upvotes.

Do you want to know how many upvotes your post needs?

1. Go to the subreddit of your choice.

2. Check the top 5 posts. 

3. Among those 5, check how many upvotes the most recent publications have. 

That amount of upvotes is what you need to rank in that subreddit.

• When do I upvote my post?

Upvotes have a more significant effect the sooner they're made.

Giving 30 upvotes to a post that's an hour old will have a very good impact.

Giving 30 upvotes to a post over 12 hours old will have a very low impact.